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MAKES: 6 single servings or 1x (2 layer) pavlova PREPTIME: 20 minutes COOKTIME: 1 hr 30 min


for the pavlova:

1 can of chickpeas (liquid, aquafaba)

150g of caster sugar

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

1 teaspoon vanilla


Blueberry compote (1/2 a cup frozen blueberries heated in a pot with a teaspoon of caster sugar)

1 Orley whip dairy-free whipped cream

Sliced strawberries

Passion fruit pulp

Edible flowers (optional)


to make:

  1. Preheat the oven to 130°c and line two baking trays with parchment paper.

  2. Drain the can of chickpeas and keep the liquid (aquafaba) in a bowl.

  3. Transfer the aquafaba to a mixer and add the cream of tartar.

  4. Beat on high for 5 minutes until the mixture doubles in size.

  5. Continue beating the mixture and slowly add the caster sugar.

  6. Beat until the sugar is completely dissolved.

  7. Add the vanilla and beat for a further two minutes.

  8. Transfer the mixture to the baking trays and create two equally sized circles (around 20-25 cm diameter). You could also use this to make smaller (single serving) pavlovas, just create smaller circles on the baking trays.

  9. Bake the pavlovas in the oven for 1hr 30min - 1hr 45min.

  10. Once baked turn the oven off and allow the pavlovas to cool in the oven over night or for a minimum of 5 hours to completely dry out.

  11. Layer the pavlovas with the whipped Orley whip and top with berries and fruit.


If you do try this recipe please be sure to let me know via email or instagram direct message. I would love to know if you and your loved ones enjoyed this recipe. I am always looking to make improvements so any comments would be so helpful.

Also if you do post anything to your instagram or instagram story please tag me so I can see your creations @abiteofvegan_


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