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hi, I'm Georgia and welcome to my blog abiteofvegan

A little bit about me​

I'm a 20 year old  vegan recipe developer, food photographer and student from Cape Town, South Africa.  I've been vegan for 5 and a half years now.


I've always had a love for cooking and baking and I enjoy every minute of being behind the kitchen island whisking and chopping or peeping into the oven while something bakes. 


I started abiteofvegan as a hobby in early 2020 just after lockdown hit. As the name suggests a bite of vegan, is a small look into my world and the vegan food I eat. When I first created my instagram page, my intention was to share easy recipes and hopefully inspire others to try something new.  I wanted to show people that being vegan doesn't require sacrifice and so many yummy and traditional treats and dishes can be made vegan and still taste just as good.


Little did I know how much I would love doing this.... I've developed such a love for food photography, food styling and videography.  


I have no formal cooking experience, but I hope to have some one day in the future. Right now I just like to experiment in the kitchen with recipes I know and see what tastes good. Creating easy, simple and delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy is what I ultimately want to do.

I have also recently completed a food photography course at Foodtography School and I've learnt so much about composition, light and my camera which I cannot wait to translate into my photos more.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my recipes. Please share them or leave a comment below them if you did. 

I can't wait to add you to our little community !

Please add your email address  above if you would like to subscribe to my mailing list. 

Lots of Love 

Georgia, abiteofvegan x

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